If you are new to these Forza Challenges, feel free to leave your gamer tag below. My gamer tag is "Joe Limon" feel free to add me if you haven't already.

Being a week of firsts, this weeks challenge will take place on the newly introduced Road America track. Being Road America, the theme for this weeks race will be "truck yeah!". Vehicle restrictions include any vehicle C-Class or lower, that is either a truck, ute (el camino), or SUV. Sorry, no wagons or hatch backs. If you're unsure about a vehicle, feel free to ask first. Finally, the specific track we will be racing is Road America's East Route. It's nice and square, no need for anything to technical if we are gonna be bombing soft squishy trucks around.

The time to beat is 1:18.883, set by my 700 hp 6000lb raptor!


If you can post a faster time, post it to this thread and you will gain points. You will gain one point for every time posted that is slower then you. For example if three people post times, and you beat everyone, you would get 3 points, 1 for the base time, and 2 for the other two people.

That is not the only way to get points however, if you have a more creative bent, feel free to post pictures from the game. You will gain 1 point for every two recommends to your post. Content wise, you are restricted to the track/vehicle selection. The maximum number of points you can accumulate is equal to the number of time submissions for that week.


The cutoff date/time for this challenge is Monday March 3rd at midnight.

Finally, there is a prize! The person who posts the fastest lap time will get to choose the details surrounding an upcoming challenge. Usually there is a week delay so there is time to properly set it up and give the winner a chance to think about their challenge entry.